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RGV's shocking tweets about Pawan Kalyan

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   5 Aug 2013 7:14 PM GMT
RGVs shocking tweets about Pawan Kalyan
All of a sudden, Ram Gopal Varma turned into a brand ambassador of Pawan Kalyan and began commenting on his social networking page about the capabilities of the actor as an individual & political leader.

"I really hope Pawan Kalyan will start his own party. He will be the most dynamic among all actor-turned-leaders right from MGR to Chiranjeevi," commented the filmmaker, who is also ready to vote for the first time standing in line if Powerstar does that!

RGV went on to say after Bal Thackeray only in Pawan he could see such intensity and charisma. He opined what Pawan is Today is just because of his commitments in his eyes and honesty in thoughts. He even believes PRP would have won with thumping majority if it was headed by Pawan Kalyan instead of Chiranjeevi.

Ramu claimed that he made these comments based on the information he collected from people of different regions in Andhra Pradesh. Responding to the tweets that he made those remarks for directing Pawan's film, the director said he met the actor five year ago and even don't have the intention to meet him anytime soon. He clarified those tweets were a reflection of his feelings as a Andhrite.