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RGV worst comments about divine profession

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   5 Sep 2013 4:22 PM GMT
RGV worst comments about divine profession
Once again director Ramgopal Varma came up with his controversial words.From past few days the alchoholic director was busy(?) with his daughter wedding and now he got some free time to show his mad creativity .

This time he targeted the divine profesion.Today all are celebrating the teachers day and it’s the correct time to show ones respect towards their teachers.

Several Bollywood celebrities took to the social networking sites to express their respective childhood experiences with their teachers and professors. But, renowned filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has gone the other way this time and has dropped a bomb on Twitter.

RGV tweeted “In my view its waste to celebrate the teachers day.I wont like to say as happy teachers day.There is no success in the teacher profession.I heard successful engineer,successful doctor but till now I didn’t see a successful teacher”

“All teachers will work for less salary. For satisfying teachers ego students used to celebrate teachers day.Karan did a film called ‘student of the year ‘ and it became a successful one if someone did a movie ‘Teacher of the year ‘ definitely it will be end as utter flop”Varma added

It’s known that Ram Gopal Varma spends most of time either with alcohol or criticizing someone. He targets everybody. If he praises somebody, doesn’t have to feel proud and if he assesses someone, doesn’t have to panic because he might have quite opposite obsessions in mind.

These type of words will come to mind if someone started tweeting over midnights with full’s better for varma if he begins to use computer on day time also…
Anyway ..Happy teachers day to all beloved teachers.