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Pawan Kalyan - Voice of 'Common Man'?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   31 March 2014 12:05 PM GMT
Pawan Kalyan - Voice of Common Man?
Power Star Pawan Kalyan turned out to be a star with “Jana Sena” first meeting. Majority of the politicians stated that he cannot win in elections as he lacks stability and few politicians even fired on Pawan assuming him to be their political competitor. Giving shock to all the politicians, Pawan Kalyan came forward saying that he won’t contest in the upcoming elections.

“Did the politicians who feared competition from Pawan will now feel the essence of peace?” turned out to be the question. Analysts are saying that politicians will now have more threat compared to the previous situation. Now, Pawan holds ‘Common Man’ status and this is more dangerous compared to politician status.

Now, politicians can’t ask Pawan to say sorry to people as he himself is a part of those ‘people’. Politicians cannot fire on Pawan at any point of time as he is now a ‘Common Man’. Looks like, Pawan is turning into the real voice of ‘Common Man’ in the state. This may help him to take charge in 2019 elections.