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Pawan Kalyan Powerful Punches at Vizag Meet

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   27 March 2014 4:50 PM GMT
Pawan Kalyan Powerful Punches at Vizag Meet
Power Star pawan kalyan has once again come up with a mind boggling speech at 'Janasena' party's 1st public meet, which held in Vizag today. In his speech Pawan entirely take on Congress party and he delivered dialogues in his own style .Here are some powerful lines uttered by Pawan

I learnt the basics of acting in Visakhapatnam only.

I entered the politics only to bring revolutionary changes in the present political system of India.

I founded the party only to fight on behalf of entire people of the country.

‘Ism’ is nothing but the agenda of Janasena Party.

Ten crore Telugu people should unite and destroy the Congress party which divided the Telugu people.

I have no desire to appear in TV sets daily.

I am angered over the way the state is divided.

I believe in transformation, not in elimination

I am hoping that Sonia Gandhi will offer apologies to the Telugu community

I thought PRP merger will do good to Telugu people

If someone goes against Congress, they are arrested and booked under CBI cases. If compromised, they will be set free from jail.

I love you and I am ready to die for you. Family is not my first priority.

I don't know why Congress leaders address Sonia Gandhi as 'Amma'. If she was a mother figure, why would she demolish Telangana and Seemandhra people.

Congress Steering committee spends 11 hours for elections... But for state bifurcation took not even an hour.

I do acting and don makeup for my earnings.. But current politicians act everyday!

I will not contest in the elections. Jana Sena will contest only when we found capable youth leaders from you to fight against this rotten political system.

I believe in transformation, not in elimination.

When Terrorist attacked Parliament, no one even condemned the act as they feared of them.

I'm not contesting in these elections, but please vote for good leaders who are for the development.

Dear Narendra modi ji, I believe in your leadership,we would like to see you as our Prime minister. India needs a strong leader like Narendra Modi.