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Pawan Kalyan Book ISM - Ideology of Jana Sena Promo

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   18 March 2014 12:50 PM GMT

The promo of Pawan Kalyan's much-talked Book 'ISM - Ideology of Jana Sena' has been unveiled Today. It highlight these 6-points of Jana Sena Ideology...

1) We must endeavour to treat our fellow humans the same we as we treat ourselves.

2) Law must not discriminate between powerful and powerless people.

3) Equality of conditions must prevail for all people.

4) The best among the society must occupy the top-most place based on what they do and not who they are.

5) Our life must have balance based in nature.

6) We must be connected with our divinity.

Pawan Kalyan will be releasing the book a couple of days his public meeting with Youth at Visakhapatnam. People are curious to know about the content of this book ever since the news broke out. Few more days to have a close look at it!