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Ok..Cherry missed Bangaram..

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   18 April 2015 6:50 AM GMT
Ok..Cherry missed Bangaram..
The maverick Mani Ratnam who is believed to be a master at making just not love stories but classics is again back with yet another cute and contemporary love story. Mani’s latest flick Ok Bangaram is garnering positive talk all over both in Telugu and Tamil.

Mani Ratnam does remind you of the good old days of Sakhi and many saying its a must watch film.However here is an interesting version that popped up in film nagar circles.

Its known that few months back ManiRatnam was in Hyderabad to meet Chiru and Ram Charan. He even narrated a story to Cherry but mega family refused to accept the concept. Now inside sources reveal that the story that Ram Charan missed is nothing but Ok Bangaram.

Its a golden opportunity to get chance to act under Mani as he is well known for extract the acting talent of his lead stars.Had Cherry done the film, there is no doubt that it brought good recognition for the actor.