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Nude TV Shows – Latest trend in western countries!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   31 July 2014 3:47 AM GMT
Western countries are always ahead of Asian countries. In case of nudity and free lifestyle, western countries are far beyond Asian countries. When countries like India are coming up with reality shows, western countries are opening airing Nude TV shows.

In the recent times, one prominent TV channel in USA started a reality show. In this show, a lady will be left with a stranger guy in a forest. They won’t have a single cloth on their body and they will shoot how these celebrities survived in that area for 3 weeks.

This nude show is getting good craze in USA. It seems that teenagers are liking this show a lot. On the other hand, few parents were complaining on this aspect to the government saying that this kind of shows were misleading their growing children. The same trend is expected to enter India soon!