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NTR movie in tenth class text books

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   6 March 2014 5:47 AM GMT
NTR movie in tenth class text books
Telugu all-time epic movie Maya Bazar received a great honour. State education department revised the 10 th calss syllabus for the next academic year and they placed Maya Bazar in the English syllabus.

The fourth unit of the English text book is named 'Films and Theaters' and there was a special mention of 'mayabazar' movie and actors in this unit.

The unit also comprises of two pics from 'mayabazar'.

Maya Bazar hit the screen in 1957 to become a landmark movie in the Telugu film industry. The success of `Maya Bazaar' lies in its portrayal of characters as ordinary mortals.

It became a hit not only for the sterling performances of the star-ensemble that it had right from S.V. Ranga Rao, Savitri, NTR, ANR and Gummadi, but also because K.V. Reddy was in full control over every frame of it.Really a great honour for the classical movie .