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No Clothes for Gandhiji, Jayalalithaa has 10000 Sarees:Director

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Oct 2014 9:47 AM GMT
No Clothes for Gandhiji, Jayalalithaa has 10000 Sarees:Director
Ramgopal Varma a man whose care of address is controversy proves it time and again to us how much he loves to seek attention via his controversial statements.His tweets and comments ignited several controversies; his tweets on Pawan Kalyan, KCR and even his tweets on Lord Ganesha went on to show that no one is above this maverick man.

More than films, many people wait eagerly for his tweets on special occasions.Today, on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi, RGV made some interesting and contentious comments.He related Gandhi Jayanthi with the recent incident of Jayalalaitha arrest and made the below comments

“I am in a two minded doubt about whether Gandhiji freed India or India freed Gandhiji. I love the difference between two leaders Gandhiji having almost no clothes and Jayalalitha having 10000 sarees. Technically speaking Gandhiji seems to be the only non corrupt leader ever. If Gandhiji were alive I wonder whether he would have campaigned for Congress or BJP in the last election. If Gandhiji were alive and campaigned for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi would Modi have won? Even if 10 leaders after Gandhiji practiced his principles I think India would have been somewhere else. I loved Gandhiji's experiments with truths but disheartened to see that in these days truth remain poor and liars become rich and powerful. What scares me is those who don't understand Gandhiji's words "an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind" are likely to make us blind,” said RGV.

The filmmaker is boasting himself as an ardent follower of Mahatma. Then, is this the right way of treating the Mahatma?