Petition filed on Baahubali black-ticketing

Thu Jul 09 2015 15:55:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

By the time it became official that many theatres are selling tickets of Baahubali at hiked prices. With government giving no permission for the hike there is no way they could raise the price of ticket but a 150 rupees ticket is being sold for 500 rupees at the moment.

Accusing that his black ticketing is being promoted by producers distributors and exhibitors of Baahubali intentionally a PIL is lodged in Telangana High Court today to take action on producers of the film. Also the PIL pointed out that the lives of ticket seekers are endangered because earlier during Magadheera release too similar situation led to stampede and death of 7 persons.

Court postponed the hearings on the PIL for tomorrow.