Special security cover around Tamanna!!

Sat Nov 29 2014 12:28:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

That may sound little unusual because this milky beauty isn’t facing any life threat to have a security cover. If your thoughts are flowing this way then we’ll fine tune them please wait. Tamanna Bhatia the gorgeous cutie is finding it tough to face the media these days and hence she is confined to a tight security ring making her unapproachable from the media.

Recently Tamanna started shooting for Arya’s latest Tamil flick under Rajesh’s direction. This is a comeback of sort for the milky beauty into kollywood as she left the tinseville long back to test her luck in Tollywood and Bollywood movies. As Tamanna landed in Chennai Tamil media persons flocked her by flooding questions about her failures in Bollywood and returning to Tamil cinema for respite. This made the actress fuming on producers and they have no option but arranging a tight security cover around the actress to make media not reach her.